We are Coconuts Media, a local city website network that uses social media and video to amplify our coverage of urban areas in Asia.

Our audience is comprised of young, professional, educated, and tech-savvy urbanites, the majority of whom live in the eight cities in which we operate: Bangkok, Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong, KL, Jakarta, Bali, and Yangon.

We work with select brands to deliver unique sponsored content and advertising campaigns that raise awareness and positive association amongst our loyal readers

Contact us at to learn more about how we can promote your cause to our audience of millions. 

Audience Key Stats

The city website network receives up to 4.1 million unique visitors per month.

We have 400,000+ Facebook fans, 30,000+ Twitter followers, 12,000+ Youtube subscribers, and 7,000+ Instagram followers.

We also receive 20,000 to 30,000 Youtube views per video on our official partner channel Coconuts TV.

Our total reach – factoring in all social media – is 12-15 million people per month.

Coconuts Jakarta receives up to 630,000 unique visitors per month, has 4,000+ Facebook fans, and 2,000+ Twitter followers.


We offer a wide range of sponsored content and advertising products to fit your needs, but we always recommend a multi-platform campaign to maximize reach and engagement.

We specialize in: 
- Sponsored posts
- Sponsored videos
- Video production as a service
- Native advertising
- Display advertising
- EDMs
- Social media campaigns


We provide a Coconuts ROI Report after the completion of a sponsored content campaign, detailing all the key statistics your content achieved.

Most important is Coconuts Engagement Minutes, which measures the total amount of time users spent reading or watching your sponsored content or advertising.

At Coconuts Media, we value engagement over raw views but we will also provide a Coconuts Total Reach number, which combines post pageviews, native ad impressions, social media reach, and video views (if applicable). This is basically a measure of the total impressions your content received in any format.


Our advertising clients at Coconuts Media include:
- Nestle
- Air Asia
- Hilton Hotels & Resorts
- Singha Beer
- Smart Telecommunications (Philippines)
- Vespa
Cebu Pacific Air
- Sansiri Property (Thailand)
- Bank of the Philippine Islands
- Millennium & Copthorne Hotels,
- Hendrick's Gin.

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